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In 1992 the International Olympic Committee revived the historic Olympic Truce, an agreement among nations to not engage in hostilities during the 7 days before the start of the Olympic Games to 7 days after the conclusion of the Paralympic Games. In 2011 the international community agreed to support the Olympic Truce, an agreement that is renewed by United Nations resolution for each Summer and Winter Games. The Olympic Truce is a key event in efforts to develop international peace through sport, a cause that the Academy supports.
The International Olympic Committee has noted that Russia has violated the Olympic Truce during three separate Olympiads: 2008 Invasion of Georgia, 2014 the seizing of Crimea, and in 2022 the Invasion of Ukraine.  As a result, it has taken actions to encourage all member sports federations to implement sanctions against the participation of Russia and Belarus in international competition.
The Classical Academy of Arms is not an international sports federation.  We do not have any members from Russia or Belarus and do not conduct international competition.  However, as a small member organization of the larger sports community, we can, and do, express our condemnation of the violation of the Olympic Truce by Russia and Belarus and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  We call upon the leaders of Russia to stop their invasion and to embrace peaceful and just solutions to international problems in the spirit of the peace through sports movement and the Olympic Truce.
Finally, we express our solidarity with Ukrainian fencers, fencing officials, fencing equipment suppliers, and fencing clubs, whether modern, classical, or historical, in this time of threat to the sport, their lives, and their country.  We renew our commitment to peace through sport and call on all others to do the same.


The Classical Academy of Arms is a non-profit organization that studies fencing in the period 1880-1939 and provides training and credentialing to the standard of the National Standards for Sports Coaches and internationally recognized coach development standards of the International Sports Coaching Framework for trainers who wish to teach classical fencing.  Our self-paced programs are available for enrolment at any time and are conducted completely online using a current teaching platform, Moodle. We award the credentials of:

Classical Fencing Demonstrator (CFD) - a coaching assistant capable of assisting with group lessons and other instructional tasks.  The Classical Fencing Demonstrator is expected to be capable in the foil. 

Classical Fencing Instructor (CFI) - a coach capable of teaching group and individual lessons for beginners and intermediate level fencers.  The Classical Fencing Instructor is expected to be capable in the foil.

Classical Fencing Provost (CFP) - a senior coach capable of managing the teaching and training programs of classical fencing clubs.  The Classical Fencing Provost is expected to be capable in two weapons (foil and sabre or foil and epee)

Classical Fencing Master (CFM) - a master coach capable of teach the full range of lessons, designing training programs, strategic planning for training over multiple training cycles, and training new coaches.  The Classical Fencing Master is expected to be capable in all three weapons (foil, epee, and sabre).

Do You Want to Become a Classical Fencing Coach?

If you are looking for:

  • a portable credential not based on your association with a specific instructor or program,
  • taught and tested in a 4 rank structure,
  • focused on the actual technique of the foil, sabre, and epee as taught by Fencing Masters of the day and documented in their writings,
  • that meets current standards for coach development, and
  • is achievable by distance instruction and testing ...

... then please read through this site, ask questions, and decide if our rigorous program is for you.

Are You A Modern Fencing Coach ...

... who wants to broaden your skill set?  Classical fencing has a rich lexicon of blade technique in all three weapons, techniques that are too complicated for the modern sport but that have significant value for training, as well as techniques that expand the fencer's understand of offense, defense, and counteroffense.  Classical fencing masters used a wide variety of teaching methods, adaptable to lessons for beginners to those for elite fencers.  And classical fencing offers a new product line for your club, program, or salle that can be attractive to fencers of all ages who fence recreationally.  Consider adding a credential in classical fencing to your modern certification.   

Accreditation, Memberships, and Recognition

The Classical Academy of Arms is a member of the United States Center for Coaching Excellence and is accredited by the National Committee for Accreditation of Coaching Education as a Level 5 Sports Skills and Tactics coach development program.  The Academy is also a member organization of the International Council for Coaching Excellence.  The Academy is recognized by the United States Fencing Coaches Association's Professional Development Committee and the International Fencing Coaches Association as a source for training for fencing coaches.  Our Classical Fencing Master diplomas are eligible for reciprocity with the United States Fencing Coaches Association's Maitre d'Armes Historiques diploma. 

Up to Date Information

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Celebrate our sport.  There are many ways to fence, and we support the athletes and trainers who train and compete in modern fencing as well as those who fence classically.


our COAt of arms

The Classical Academy of Arms's coat of arms was granted by the American College of Heraldry.  The blazon is checky sable and argent, two crossed swords gules their points in chief.


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