Classical Academy of Arms

A Society for Classical Fencing Instructor Training and Credentialling

Classical Fencing School Designation

To be recognized as a Classical Fencing School affiliated with the Classical Academy of Arms, a club or salle must the following requirements:

(1) The club or salle must conduct an active program of fencing in accordance with the principles and techniques of the classical period from 1880 to 1939.

(2) Training in the club or salle must be based upon a skill progression system, either that of the Academy or an approved substitute.

(3) At least one instructor associated with the club or school must be a professional member of the Academy (requirement waived for members of the first Classical Fencing Demonstrator course). All instructors must have completed or be actively enrolled in at least the Academy’s Apprentice Classical Instructor program.

(4) All professional members of the Academy associated with the club or salle must either be enrolled in training sponsored by the Academy to qualify as a higher level of coach or complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education each year. Such continuing education must be conducted by recognized professional fencing instructors or equivalent experts in sports science and be verified by an appropriate certificate.

(5) Professional members of the Academy associated with the club or salle must adhere to the Academy’s code of ethical conduct.

22 December 2005

Added by revision on 31 December 2016:

(6) The club or salle commits to having one member trained in first aid by any recognized training agency present at any group training session.

(7) If the club or salle has members under the age of 18, all instructors must complete United States Olympic Committee SafeSport training or equivalent national training in their country.