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May CE Posted

The coronavirus has impacted our operations.  We have had to pay primary attention to our online Moodle courses, and both our Website Continuing Education program and our Technical Blog have fallen behind.  We are starting to catch up.

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March Website CE Posted

Our March Website CE topic on Making Corrections has been posted.  Remember, if you are working on a Classical Academy of Arms credential, these topics review information that you may be asked to discuss in the oral examination.

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February Website CE Posted

The February 2020 Website Continuing Education Topic on Priority in foil bouts  is posted at Website CE.

Skill Ranks Updated

We have posted Skill Development Program Rank promotions for January and the first weeks of February 2020 on the Skill Ranks Awarded page.


We have started to add Links that we feel are important to understanding the context of how we provide training and as sources of information relevant to classical fencing.

CAA Accredited

The National Committee for the Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE), affiliated with the United States Center for Coaching Excellence, has accredited the Classical Academy of Arms instructor development program as a Level 5 (elite level) Domain 6 (Sports Skills and Tactics) provider of coachi…

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Website CE - Up to Date

The November Website Continuing Education topic on the distinctive characteristics of the one touch epee bout has been published, bringing the program up to date.  Expect the December topic the first week in December.  Remember that these topics not only help fill our annual continuing education req…

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Website CE is Catching Up

As our members know, work on accreditation and on the 2018 summer cohort of classes has put us behind on our Website Continuing Education project - we are catching up.  The July continuing education topic is up, and August and September topics are in the works.  We expect to be fully caught up by th…

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2018 Summer Cohort of CAA Courses

Our summer cohort of courses is well underway.  At total of 4 Classical Fencing Apprentice Instructor, 1 Classical Fencing Demonstrator, 1 Classical Fencing Instructor, 1 Classical Fencing Provost, and 1 Classical Fencing Master candidates are working on our new Moodle based courses.  Moodle is an i…

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New Technical Papers Page

We have started publishing a series of short articles on fencing technique using EzineArticles, an article publication website that offers wide distribution for our materials.  Our goal is to eventually develop a full encyclopedia of descriptions of classical technique, with one to three new article…

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Updates to Website CE

We have fallen behind in updating our Website Continuing Education, but we are now working to catch up.  The August 2017 and September 2017 topics have been posted, and we plan to provide all of 2017 as an e-book this month.  This is an inexpensive way to earn continuing education hours against the …

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ICCE/USCCE Coach Developer Academy

Academy director Walter Green CFMT has been selected in a competitive process to attend the 2018 International Council for Coaching Excellence/United States Center for Coaching Excellence Coach Developer Academy in Orlando, Florida, in June. This is an important step in our self-study for accreditat…

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Update: Glossary and Catalog of Classical Fencing Actions

The Academy's Glossary and the Catalog of Classical Fencing Actions are now available on a subscription basis.  We made the transition from providing these free on the website to a subscription service because of the costs associated with acquiring new source materials.  In addition, as the projects…

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Glossary and Actions Project Changes

Our glossary of classical fencing terms has reached 60 pages, and continues to steadily grow.   Our Classical Fencing Actions Project now includes 39 pages of fencing actions identified by period texts, and continues to grow.  The level of effort to maintain and grow these products is significant, a…

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July CE Posted

The July continuing education topic on tempo is posted on our Website CE page, along with the review quiz for continuing education credit.  Our continuing education topics are chosen from the list of questions for the oral portion of our credentialing process.  If you are preparing for an examinatio…

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Demonstrator Class by Distance in August

In August we are starting a new Classical Fencing Demonstrator class by distance learning. Classical Fencing Demonstrator is the first of our four levels of professional credentialing for trainers of classical fencers. Instruction is not specific to any school, and focuses on how to teach and train …

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June Edition of Classical Fencing Glossary Posted

The June update edition of our Glossary of classical fencing terms has been posted on our Glossary page.  This is now a 56 page document with 326 terms listed, defined, and cross referenced, and we are an estimated 25% complete.

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June Edition of Classical Fencing Action Project Catalog Posted

The June edition of our catalog of classical fencing technique has been posted.  This regular updater to the catalog of foil, epee, and sabre actions is 39 pages long, and continues to grow each month as we incorporate material from additional sources. 

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June Continuing Education Posted

The June continuing education topic on the classification of fencing actions is posted on our Website CE page, along with the review quiz for continuing education credit.  Members are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education each year - so use our Website CE topics to help you meet that…

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Updated KSAs

As we continue building the package for accreditation by the National Committee for Coaching Education, we continue to update our core documents.  The latest is an update of the Trainer Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.

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