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April CE

The text for our April continuing education topic on counterattacks is posted on our Website CE page.  The review questions will be available on Monday afternoon. 

Classical Fencing Actions Project

The 7 April edition of the Classical Fencing Actions Project, our list of identified actions used in classical fencing, is posted.

Updated Actions Project and KSAs for Trainers

We have just updated the Classical Fencing Actions Project to include a substantial quantity of Epee actions and the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Trainers on the Ranks page to add new components to meet accreditation standards.

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March CE Posted

The March continuing education topic - A Matter of Hands - has been posted on the Website CE page.  Our continuing education quiz will be posted on Thursday the 16th.

No, We Haven't Gotten Rid of Our Ethics Code ...

... but we have moved it.  As part of our self-study for accreditation by the National Committee for the Accreditation of Coaching Education, we have identified a need to provide a more complete range of our governing documents online.  We have moved our Classical Fencing Instructor's Code of Ethics…

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Updated Actions Project

The February update to the Classical Fencing Actions Project has been posted.  We are up to 20 pages of individual actions, the vast majority of them foil (and still adding) with a small list of sabre.  This is a living document with additions on a regular basis.

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Updated Glossary

The February update to our annotated glossary of classical fencing terms has been posted on the Glossary page.

Distance Training

Procedures for candidates interested in earning a Classical Academy of Arms credential are now posted on our Distance Training page.

February CE

Our continuing education topic for February is posted.  The review questions will be available by tomorrow morning.

KSAs for Classical Fencing Trainers

We are in the process of combining our knowledge and skill and ability lists into one set of KSAs for classical fencing trainers.  We will be rolling out the list as individual KSAs on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and expect to have a completed list by mid-January.

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Updated Instructor Development Program Manual

The current edition of the Instructor Development Program manual is now available on the website.

Glossary Update

The 20 January edition of the glossary of classical fencing terms that we maintain has been posted.  This remains a living document with minor changes in format and steady increases in the number of terms and sources included.  Current page count is 46 pages - we are well past counting the number of…

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Distance Training

Currently the Academy offers one distance based learning program, our Classical Fencing Apprentice Instructor.  Starting on 1 February 2017 we will start to offer our Classical Fencing Demonstrator clinic online with a combination of written study materials, review quizzes, and video mentoring.  Wat…

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CE Posted

The January continuing education topic, A Matter of Lines, is posted on our Website CE page.  The continuing education review will be up on January 7th.  UPDATE on January 7, the review questions are complete.

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Glossary Update

The 31 December edition of the Glossary of classical fencing terms that we maintain has been published.

Updated KSAs

We have updated the knowledges, skills, and abilities for credentialed instructors on the Instructor Skills page to include additional elements needed to ensure that instructors can teach lessons that include all relevant components. 

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Set of Papers Up

We now have posted a complete set of papers for Classical Fencing Provost, Classical Fencing Master, and Classical Fencing Master Trainer, linked from our Ranks or Publications pages.  Each of these is a baseline paper designed to serve as the basis of a number of additional research studies by futu…

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Examination Materials Updated

For candidates for our classical fencing coaching ranks, on the Ranks page we have (1) updated the practical examination form to reflect changes in the knowledges, skills, and abilities (KSAs) for the ranks, (2) added the form for the oral examination which now covers the four professional ranks, an…

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Online CE Added

We have added our first continuing education topic under the Website CE tab.  We will be posting short article each month to help our members meet continuing education requirements.  The December review questions for the article will be posted on December 16th.

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Changes in Classical Fencing Actions Project

We have changed how we make the Classical Fencing Actions Project available, deleting the online list, and providing the current list as a .pdf updated monthly.  This reduces the work of keeping the online list current as well as turning the list into a regular publication.  The November edition is …

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