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Names to Know

For over 800 years hardy men and women have stood up sword in hand to teach others how to fence.  For over 130 years individual fencers have excelled in organized competition, including throughout the classical period.  And yet, for the most part, fencers today do not remember their names.  We have started a Names To Know project on our Facebook page to remember fencers and fencing masters, some well known and others obscure, from the classical period.  A common belief in many aboriginal societies is that you are not dead until no one can recall your name.  We intend to help keep their names alive out of respect and in appreciation of their contribution to fencing as a military and civilian skill at arms and as a sport.


Scott Breckenridge (1882-1941) – US National Foil Champion 1906 and 1914, member of 1912 US Olympic Team.


Francois Darrieulat (1868-1940) - French fencing master to US Naval Academy, 2 Olympic teams, and President Roosevelt.

Clovis Deladrier (1885-1948) – Belgian Fencing Master at US Naval Academy, author of a classical fencing text.


Cesare Enrichetti (1871) – Fencing Master-Chief and Director of the Central School of Parma, Italy.


Alfred E Finckh (1946) - Australian amateur fencer and author of one of the first post-WWII fencing manuals.

Ramon Fonst (1883-1959) – Cuban amateur fencer, in 1900 first Latin American Olympic Champion in fencing.


Lucien Gaudin (1886-1934) – French foil and epee fencer, winner of 6 Olympic medals and 12 other major championships.


Jules Jacob (late 1800s) - Parisian Fencing Master who first called for realistic training for the epee du terrain.


Claude La Marche (late 1800s) – French Fencing Master, in 1884 one of the founders of modern epee.

Angel Lancho (1883-1939) – Spanish Fencing Master in Madrid, student of Sanz, and adherent to the Spanish School.

Don Jose “Pepe” Llulla (1815-1888) – New Orleans Fencing Master, noted duelist, and cemetery owner.


Giuseppe Mangiarotti (1883-1970) – Italian Olympian in 1908, originator of the Modern School of the Italian Sword.

Ricardo Enrique Manrique (born 1865) - Cuban Fencing Master in Havana and New York City.

Antonio Domingos Pinto Martins (1895) - Portuguese Fencing Master to the King and the naval and military academies.

Thomas Hoyer Monstery (1824-1901) - Danish Fencing Master, soldier, duelist, resident in San Francisco, New York, Chicago.


___ Nusse (1935) - German Fencing and Academical Fencing Master at the University of Bonn.


George S. Patton Jr. (1885-1945) - U. S. Army officer, Olympic Pentathlete, Master of the Sword at the Mounted Service School.


Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Roux (1817-1897) - German Fencing Master at Jena and author of Thrust Fencing texts.


Adelardo Sanz (died 1928) – Spanish Fencing Master, founder of the Spanish school of classical fencing.

Christian Siebenhaar (1824-1885) - Dutch army fencing master, founder of the Hollandsche Methode school


Leonardo Terrone (1872-before 1959) – Italian Fencing Master in Philadelphia, advocate of right and left handed fencing.