Classical Academy of Arms

A Society for Classical Fencing Trainer Education, Development, Credentialing, and Support


No fencing trainer exists born fully formed in their own excellence.  We all have had one or more coaches who were important to our development - who taught us the technique and tactics of the sport, who formed us as fencers, taught us how to teach, and who taught us how to be loyal, ethical, and influential preservers of the knowledge of fencing.  For some of these individuals, our contact was fleeting, a clinic or even a conversation; for others we were their students for sometime.  Without these coaches, well known or obscure, we could not have become who we are today.  Although this page originated as a project for Global Coaches Day 2021 sponsored by the International Council for Coaching Excellence, the Academy will maintain it as a permanent and growing recognition of our collective heritage.


Maitre d'Armes Vinnie BRADFORD (United States Fencing Coaches Association)

Fechtmeister Mike BUNKE (Academie der Fechtkunst Deutschlands)

Provost Ron CULLUM (British Academy of Fencing)

Fechtmeisterin Regina FAUST (Academie der Fechtkunst Duetschlands)

Maitre d'Armes Rob HANDLEMAN (United States Fencing Coaches Association)

Maestro di Scherma Stuart KAUFMAN (Circolo della Spada Mangiarotti, Accademia Nazionale di Scherma)

Coach Neil LAZAR (Salle Santelli)

Maitre d'Armes Arnold MERCADO (United States Fencing Coaches Association)

Maitre d'Armes David MICAHNIK (United States Fencing Coaches Association)

Maestro Giorgio SANTELLI

Maitre d'Armes Raoul SUDRE (United States Fencing Coaches Association)